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We have been working hard to produce a series of textbooks for the new A Level Maths specification. And now they are finally here! Our textbooks are designed for the classroom and makes both teaching and learning mathematics easier and more enjoyable.


Our textbooks are designed to be used in the classroom. Each chapter sets out key learning goals and provides explanations, worked examples and plenty of practice questions to help achieve this. Concepts are broken down in designated ‘break it down’ sections, so that students can see how to approach various problems. Stretch and challenge sections are included to promote deeper understanding. Our textbooks are a perfect tool for teaching this new specification. Download a free sample below.

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AS Pure Textbook

£2499per textbook
  • Textbook + Solutions

AS Applied Textbook

£1399per textbook
  • Textbook + Solutions

*Other size sets are available. Discounts for schools buying large quantities is available.


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