AS/A Level GCE

Revision Sessions

crashMATHS Revision Session 5

This page contains the materials for A Level Revision Session 5: Algebra & Functions III (A Level).

The session will focus on:

  • The Modulus Function
  • Combining Transformations of Functions
  • Function Notation, Composition and Inversion

Question Set I (The Modulus Function): click here for the questions. 

Solutions I: click here for the solutions. 

Question Set II (Transformations of Functions): click here for the questions. 

Solutions II: available after the event. 

Question Set III (Function Notation, Composition & Inversion): click here for the questions. 

Solutions III: available after the event. 

Recording: available after the event. 

To access the recordings, click on the above links. You need to be signed into YouTube with the same email address you signed up to the sessions with. If you are not, it will tell you the video is not available. However, while on this screen, click the ‘SIGN IN’ button and simply enter your login details.