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December/March Mock Exam Sign Up

The form below will allow you to sign up for our free mock exam service this year for the new A Level.


We cannot now accept any more custom mock requests for December. We can only accepts requests for ‘standard’ mocks in December, but you can always opt for custom mocks in March.

As part of our goal to help teachers and schools this year with the introduction of the new A Level, we will be offering a variation of our Mock Exam service absolutely free to all schools that wish to take part. The papers will not be freely available as our practice papers will be to ensure they are secure and teachers can use them with full confidence. This is available to schools only. Requests from students and individuals will unfortunately have to be ignored. 

  • We will send you secure electronic copies* of the papers before your chosen mock exam date.
  • Your students will sit the papers and you will mark the papers (alternatively, you can ask us to mark them externally for free**).
  • You will send us the data from your exams and we will collate and analyse it for you.
  • Available for Edexcel, AQA and OCR (not MEI).
  • Papers available: all AS Maths and Further Maths papers
  • Data must be given to us by 10th January 2018 for data analysis in December and 21st March 2018 for data analysis in March.
  • Given sufficient notice, papers can be adapted to cover topics you have taught by the time of the December mocks.

*paper copies can be requested but for a fee to cover printing     **marking is free, but you will need to cover P&P yourselves. Limited availability for this.

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