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Why Study A Level Maths?

A Level Maths is a respectable qualification, notorious for its difficulty. However, beyond this, the qualification is home to a tonne of rigour and fun. You have an ability to encounter new ideas and explore already-known ones in greater depth. So, if you enjoy maths or want to be challenged, then this qualification is definitely for you. The content on the site is designed to help guide you through your A Level Maths or Further Maths studies, so simply choose a module and start learning.

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Core One

Learn how to differentiate and integrate, how to do advanced problems in coordinate geometry and how to work with arithmetic sequences and series.

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Core Two

Learn about the properties of a circle, how to expand brackets with large degrees and how to apply ideas from C1 about differentiation and integration.

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Further Pure 1

Explore the new concept of complex numbers, how to prove a recurrence relationship by induction and work with matrices in the first unit of further maths.

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Core 3

Learn about the exponential function, the relationship between functions and inverses and how to differentiate by the chain, product and quotient rule.

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Core 4

Learn how to manipulate parametric equations, use different methods of integration to evaluate integrals and how to approach complex vector problems.

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Mechanics 1

Discover interesting ideas about colliding particles, the turning effect of objects on a system and the speed of a free falling object under the influence of gravity.

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Use our resources!

We have dedicated a lot of time to create a variety of different resources for you to use. On the site, you can find an exclusive range of unique, homemade past papers for you to try, containing questions that span the entire grade range and ones that you haven’t come across before. We have also took a lot of time to create worksheets in the hope that they will help you consolidate your understanding of particular areas of maths and cement any gaps you may have. Besides the maths, our revision resources may also be helpful to you.


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