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crashMATHS is a new online learning platform that established its name in 2013 on Youtube. It was established by Aaran who had just completed his GCSE Maths at the time and is now studying for his A Levels. This site that has come from the YouTube channel offers a new interactive approach to learning that we believe is both intriguingly studious and excitingly fun. As the first student-run learning platform, we believe that our approach will be unique, but, most importantly, beneficial to the students, who wish to learn maths without the intimidation an adult-figure can create. If you would like to find out more about us and our mission statements, then use the toggles on the right, but if not, go and explore the site - we're sure you'll find something that you like.

We want to create an accessible and useful online learning platform that will make learning maths fun for students. While we believe that there are many sites that do this, we believe that with the extra resources we provide on top of the videos, students will have all the resources in one place that will never have to leave.
crashMATHS is a YouTube channel established by a student named Aaran in 2013. As a student-run platform, we understand the pressures of GCSEs and A Levels and we hope that crashMATHS will make it just that little bit easier.
This site is predominantly based on video tutorials, but over the past year, we have been working on a range of past papers, worksheets, revision trackers and timetables to allow this to be a site that you will never have to leave when studying maths.
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